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Curriculum Vitae

Gary I. Dmitrienko
Gary Dmitrienko


Biographical Sketch:

Post Secondary Education:

Honours B. Sc. in Chemistry (University of Toronto) 1970
Ph. D. Organic Chemistry (NRC Scholarship) (University of Toronto) 1974


NRC Postdoctoral Fellow -  total synthesis of complex diterpenoid alkaloids(with K. Wiesner, U. of New Brunswick) 1974-75
NRC Postdoctoral Fellow –enzyme mechanism and inhibition (with V. Snieckus and T. Viswanatha, U. Waterloo), 1975-77
NRC Industrial Postdoctoral Fellow –medicinal chemistry ( Merck-Frosst Centre for Therapeutic Research), 1977-78
Faculty member in the Dept of Chemistry at U. Waterloo since 1978.

Research Interests:

  1. Synthesis of heterocyclic and carbocyclic compounds
  2. Mechanistic organic chemistry
  3. Bioorganic and medicinal chemistry related to antimicrobial and anticancer agents

Current Research Funding:

NSERC Discovery Grant (Principle Investigator) Synthesis and chemistry of bioactive compounds 2008-2013
CIHR Operating Grant (Principle Investigator) Broad spectrum beta lactamase inhibitors to counter antibiotic resistance 2010-2015
CIHR Proof of Principle Phase II Grant with matching funds from Waterloo Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Principle Investigator) New drugs for antibiotic resistant bacterial infections2011-2012
CIHR Team Grant – Canada-UK Team in Bacterial Resistance to Beta Lactam Antibiotics (Principle Investigator and overall tem lead) 2011-2014

Contact Information:

Dept. of Chemistry, University of Waterloo, 200 University Avenue West, Waterloo, Ontario, N2L 3G1
Office: ESC 338, Laboratories: ESC 339, 320, 343, Tel: 519-888-4642 (direct line),