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Here are some old books that I find interesting, and which I have reformatted for easier on-screen reading and navigation.

Jürnjakob Swehn der Amerikafahrer
by Johannes Gillhoff (1917). In German. Available in PDF and epub format.
Rural Sanitation in the Tropics
by Malcolm Watson (1915). Watson, a pioneer of malaria control, managed to banish malaria from several tropical locations in Malaya and Africa, using simple means such as drainage and oiling of water bodies. In this book, he describes his own sanitary work, as well as that performed under the direction of Colonel Gorgas in the Panama Canal zone during the construction of the Canal.

The book is available in two versions. A reformatted version makes for easier reading and navigation; the original one will be preferable for example if you want to cite from the book.

An HTML version is also available.


Storm tides and coastal protection on the German North Sea shore
A short historical treatise on the subject. Should be of interest to people who worry about the impact of possibly rising sea levels.
The ban of DDT did not cause millions to die from malaria
It is sometimes alleged that the ban of the insecticide DDT, motivated by concerns about adverse environmental effects, has caused tens of millions in avoidable malaria fatalities. I here argue that this position is untenable in light of the scientific and historic facts.
Modulation of Ice Ages via Precession and Dust-Albedo Feedbacks
This essay has been written by Ralph Ellis, with a little help from me. It presents Ralph's fascinating hypothesis on the mechanism that controls the rhythm of the ice ages and interglacials. It has been accepted for publication in Geoscience Frontiers as of May 3rd 2016.


Biochemistry free and easy
Kevin Ahern's and Indira Rajagopal's excellent and free biochemistry textbook
A high-class website with a comprehensive, well-organized collection of slides for histology and histopathology
TeX StackExchange
A very well-organized and comprehensive question-and-answer site for all things LaTeX—I use it often
Clemens Niederberger's useful collection of LaTeX packages and related links for chemistry
Christian Tellechea's outstanding LaTeX package for drawing chemical structures. Comes with clear thorough documentation