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I teach this subject both at the third year level (Chem 333) and at the fourth year level (Chem 432). I focus on pathways in human metabolism and on metabolic diseases. I have recently consolidated the teaching materials for both clases into a single set of notes and slides.
Biochemical Pharmacology
This is my favourite subject. It is offered both as as a 4th year course (Chem 430) and as a graduate course (Chem 731/Chem 7310), sometimes simultaneously. Apart from some really ancient recently updated! course notes, I have written a book on the topic, with the help of my colleagues Alice Chan, Thorsten Dieckmann, and John Honek.
Computer methods for biochemistry
This title sounds more specific and grandiose than I like but I can't really think of a better one. This subject has only been offered as a graduate so far, but I'm considering to adapt it to an undergraduate course also. The course is focused more on worked examples and hands-on exercises than on covering a large amount of theory. Some course notes are available, but they are not terribly comprehensive.
Biological Membranes
This class, taught as a grad course, is not as much fleshed out as the other ones. Detailed notes aren't available and probably won't be any time soon (or only so if I get a chance to teach this as an undergraduate course, too). Currently offered as a graduate course only.